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Parting Words

I have in many ways unjustly simplified the tyre business in this article. But many others who join the industry particularly senior executives, seem to think it is about simple data and numbers. We could go on exploring the various facets of the tyre business, what to look out for, and what to do, and what not to do. What is however important is to be aware that the tyre business looks simple, and sounds simple, but taken to another level is a myriad study of Sociology, Economics, Business, Art, and Engineering.

The fact of the matter is the internet is already here to ensure anyone who wants to know more can know more. The distributors and retailers who traditionally think it is simply about price and size could be in for a surprise soon. The very fact that some of the European and American internet retailers have suddenly grown to the size they are reflects this fact. Consumers are reading about what they want over the internet before deciding. I am surprised the internet is not utilized in a bigger way for educating, marketing, or selling tyres- particularly in Asia.

About Hwee Tiong, Ler
Ler, 38, graduated with a merit degree from the National University of Singapore in 1995 majoring in Economics and Geography. He worked for four years with a Malaysia listed distributor, of which a year was spent in Myanmar. He subsequently joined a Singapore listed distributor when for a year, he was heading the retailing department, before packing off to Hong Kong for five years to oversee the North Asian operation. His last job was in Shanghai with an American manufacturer as Sales Director of the Asia region. He recently relocated to Singapore with his family and started Tyrepac, an internet based retailing concept, after being captivated by the power of the internet for years.

This is the final article by Ler Hwee Tiong, Managing Director at Tyrepac Pte Ltd on his 7 part-series on Selling and marketing tyres- How difficult can that be?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tyrepac Launches Mobile Fitment and Oil Change Service

Tyrepac have launched the mobile fitment service, providing consumers with an entirely new platform to fit up their tyres. On top of our present island wide fitment stations, consumers can now opt to pay a nominal fee and select to have their tyres or oil changed at a location of their choice.

The additional convenience of being able to fit up tyres at home or even at work is Tyrepac’s concept of bringing convenience to consumers who shop online.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tyrepac gets Hot on HotStuff!

Tyrepac gets hotter week by week, check us out on the December issue of Hot Stuff Magazine!

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The Engineering of tyres

We have seen tyres evolved from the earlier days of tyres with tubes and comprising primarily of fabric and nylon, to present day tubeless tyres with construction comprising steel cords and rayon. We have seen past tyres made of rubber to present day tyres made of silicon compound, and other synthetic rubber. We have seen tyres moving at a maximum speed of 30km per hour back then, to present day speed capability in excess of 340km per hour.

I do not know the details that have gone into engineering a tyre. I know a simple fact that these tyres have gone through tremendous engineering, which warrants us to pay specific attention when selling or marketing a tyre. The sales channels have to know, the consumers too should be educated on it.

This is article 6 by Ler Hwee Tiong, Managing Director at Tyrepac Pte Ltd in his 7 part-series on Selling and marketing tyres- How difficult can that be?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tyrepac is featured on Torque!

Tyrepac is featured on the December 2008 issue of Torque Magazine. Get your copy today!

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Black Rubber

Tyres are an unknown quantity to many, including myself, other than the general brands that have been embedded in your mind via advertisements, and the huge signboards that precede tyres shops. Who can forget the unmistakable Michelin mascot, Pirelli calendar girls or the Bridgestone tyres that the F1 race cars fly by with?

Not many stop to think the compounds that goes into a making of a tyre, the different treads that affects performance, noise and control, the extensive sizes available, the not so beautiful patterns that no one is able to see, and essentially, what makes a tyre tick.

Tyre shops in Asia also seem to be a different model altogether from their counterparts in Australia or other parts of the World. The very first impression of tyre shops are those of uncles with black sodden hands wheeling the tyres around, often situated at the foot of old shop houses. While this still holds true, the dynamics are slowly changing, as overseas conglomerates come in with their vision of how tyres should be changed.

As I’ve heard, the tyre industry is not a glamorous business, not shady, but mired in a very traditional means of business, staying relatively unhindered by the evolvement of technology, but not for long. The Internet has eliminated boundaries and borders, and opened a Pandora’s Box of endless opportunities. The tyre industry will also undoubtedly not be able to avoid this wave of evolution.

Personally, I know nuts about tyres, not even knowing the basics of how to read tyre sizes, so stay with me as I proceed along this journey to discover the marvels of the only point of interaction between your car and the roads, and you will understand that there are more to tyres than the mere black rubber that it is.

This is an introduction by Linus Koh on his maiden voyage into a whole new industry. Linus is in charge of online sales & operations at Tyrepac Pte Ltd.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Press Release: Singapore SME Tyrepac Develops Asia’s First and Largest Retail Portal for Tyres

Registered and headquartered in Singapore, Tyrepac is developing Asia’s first and largest online tyre retailing site.

It was developed to enable consumers in Asia to have a central platform to see and compare tyre brands, patterns, and prices. Tyrepac removes the mystery of replacing tyres by being transparent, and at the same time, educational.

Upon purchase and payment of the desired tyres through the Tyrepac website, consumers can conveniently choose any of their fitment stations located throughout the country to get their tyres fitted. A call centre is also readily available to take any questions. Call 1800-TYREPAC (1800- 8973722), or e-mail

Tyrepac will soon also operate a mobile fitment and oil change service. For a small flat fee, consumers can have their tyres and even oil change at a location of their choice- at home or at work.

Tyrepac received funding support from SPRING Singapore under the Logistics Capability Development Programme.

The company is expanding the portal’s services to consumers in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong in end March 2009. Plans are also in the pipeline to expand the portal’s services to other major Asian cities.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tyrepac launches search for tyres by car make and model

We are pleased to announce that Tyrepac has upgraded its website to include a search for tyre by the car make and model you drive. Simple log on to our website, and click on “Buy tyre” or the “Singapore flag”, and select the car you drive.

With this function in place, TYREPAC has successfully made tyre shopping a truly simple process. Tyrepac is probably the first in Asia to offer such a search function for tyres.

Tyrepac will soon be launching Tyrepac MOBILE SERVICE which caters to the busy executives who would rather have their tyre changed, and engine oil replaced at home or work. The search for motorcycle tyres and accessories will also follow shortly. Watch out for these new services!

Drive safe for your loved ones!