Monday, December 13, 2010

Delticom AG acquires majority stake in Tyrepac

13th December, 2010, Singapore – Delticom AG, Europe’s leading online tyre retailer and Tyrepac Pte Ltd, Asia’s First Tyre Portal, today announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Tyrepac Pte Ltd, Asia’s First Tyre Portal, for an undisclosed amount in cash. The transaction is structured as a capital increase at Tyrepac.

Tyrepac provides consumers in Asia a central platform to buy tyres online. The webshops allow easy comparison of tyre brands, patterns, and prices. In addition, the company operates a growing network of service partners who stand ready to fit the tyres. Since its foundation in 2008, Tyrepac has expanded into Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea. “The acquisition is a landmark development for our customers, partners, and the team. We are excited to be part of the Delticom Group", says Ler Hwee Tiong, co-founder and Managing Director of Tyrepac.

Delticom AG currently operates more than 100 online shops in Europe, US and Canada. “The transaction is an important building block in our long-term Asian strategy”, says Rainer Binder, CEO of Delticom. Starting from Tyrepac’s credible brand and proven track record, the joint venture will help Delticom to reach into new high-growth, emerging markets.

“For Tyrepac, the cash inflow paves the way for accelerated growth”, explains Frank Schuhardt, CFO of Delticom and member of Tyrepac’s Executive Committee. Further support for expansion plans will also come from the strong Delticom balance sheet. Tyrepac is expected to benefit from the parent company’s operational experience, but will retain its localised go-to-market approach. Over the course of the next months, both teams are going to work closely together to integrate their systems and processes.

About Delticom
Delticom is Europe’s #1 online tyre retailer. Founded in 1999, the Hanover-based company operates more than 100 online shops in 35 countries and has served more than 4,000,000 customers so far. The company offers a wide range of products for private and business customers: over 100 tyre brands for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and buses, but also complete wheels, motor oil, replacement parts and accessories. The products are delivered to any address the customer chooses. Alternatively, Delticom delivers the tyres to one of more than 25,000 service partners worldwide for professional fitting directly on to the customer’s vehicle.

Delticom is listed on the German Stock Exchange (ISIN DE0005146807, ticker symbol DEX). As of December 2010, market capitalisation stands at approximately EUR 750 million (S$ 1,300 million). The company is expected to end the 2010 fiscal year with revenues totalling more than EUR 400 million (S$ 700 million), an growth of around 30% year-on-year (2009: EUR 311 million, S$ 540 million).

About Tyrepac
Tyrepac was founded in Singapore in 2008, and is Asia’s first tyre retailing portal. Now operating in several Asian countries, Tyrepac offers a comprehensive range of car and motorcycle tyres, transparent pricing, convenience from more than 2000 service partners in Asia, and a wide variety of product information and other customer education. In Singapore, consumers can also have tyres fitted at the comfort of their home, via its mobile fitting service. Tyrepac also offers quotation for batteries, automotive insurance, and servicing packages in collaboration with its service partners.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kumho Ecsta HM KH31 available EXCLUSIVELY at Tyrepac

The Kumho Ecsta HM KH31 has landed in Singapore! Tyrepac has landed another first as this tyre is only exclusively available online at Tyrepac – get yours today before they are sold out!

The Kumho Ecsta HM KH31 delivers tyre performance that is very adaptive to both wet and dry roads. You can feel the difference with supreme braking in the rain and less road noise in all conditions. The cross shaped side of the shoulder breaks the water tension, the streamline round grooves push the water aside and the four straight grooves maximize drainage. The modern and distinctive sidewall design features solid lettering and comb shaped serration band.


· Balanced performance

· The best combination of in-out design

· ECSTA brand logo on the center rib

· Improved hydroplaning performance, reduced noise levels, and crisp handling

The Kumho Ecsta KH31 is currently available in six sizes, with more sizes to come soon. The current sizes available are:

  • 185/60R15
  • 185/55R15
  • 195/60R15
  • 195/55R15
  • 195/50R16
  • 225/55R17

The German magazine Auto Bild (one of the world’s most successful automotive titles (2.8 million readers in Germany alone) ranked the Kumho ECSTA HM KH31 third overall out of 14 summer products from 13 tyre manufacturers – including Michelin, Continental, Pirelli and Goodyear – and ‘exemplary’ overall.

Tyres in the popular size of 185/60R15 were assessed for handling, braking, driving comfort and fuel efficiency. The resulting report concluded that ‘the KH31 demonstrated a high degree of balanced performance on both wet and dry surfaces, good aquaplaning resistance and low pass-by noise levels’. The summary recorded that the KH31 was one of three tyres to offer ‘reassuringly high reserves of safety’.

Last year the KH31 tied for second place in a tyre test conducted by another well regarded German publication – Autozeitung. With its upgraded ultra high-performance tread compound technology, the KH31 boasts enhanced driving ability and extended product life.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tyrepac makes shopping easier!

Tyrepac has always been striving to improve the shopping experience for our customers, and we pride ourselves on listening to our customers' feedback and how we can make that purchase simpler and more convenient.

We have undergone a couple of changes over the past few weeks to improve that experience by making minor changes to our website, without affecting the overall functionality, but ensuring our customers get their tyres more easily!

Changes include:
  • Making purchases without registration

  • Shopping by Brand

  • Simpler how we work explanation

Making purchases without registration
Customers no longer need to register before being able to make purchases on Tyrepac, eliminating a step in the purchase process. Simply click on "Buy Now" on the item you wish to purchase, and select "Express Checkout" to get straight to buying your tyres!

Shopping by Brand
Customers tend to have brand preferences, and didn't know what brands we had available. We've answered the call by allowing customers to view all the brands or patterns we carry on Tyrepac, and see what tyres are available.

Simpler how we work explanation
Customers were often clueless about Tyrepac's innovative online retailing concept, so we simplified it into 4 simple steps:

Have more feedback and ideas on how we can improve our website? Feel free to drop us an email!

Monday, June 14, 2010

TYREPAC announces partnership with

Singapore, 14 June 2010 – Tyrepac has announced that will become their official map provider for Singapore, providing their users with interactive maps to Tyrepac fitting locations throughout Singapore. Tyrepac Singapore currently has 34 fitting locations across the island.

Car owners and users will find this service helpful with interactive maps to reputable tyre retailers & workshops working with Tyrepac. Visitors to Tyrepac can also get an overview map of the outlets and service workshops in Singapore. Upon hovering on an outlet pin-pointed on the map, users can receive interactive directions to the outlet, with route shortcuts, and even the ability to search for amenities nearby.

“We are proud to welcome onboard as our official map provider and believe it will serve our users well.” said Tyrepac Managing Director, Ler Hwee Tiong. “This partnership with underlines our commitment to provide our users with the complete convenience of purchasing tyres online.”

“We find Tyrepac’s service to their customers highly innovative. It is about variety of choice and location convenience.” said Thomas Pramotedham, General Manager of “We are proud to play a supporting role to Tyrepac’s service model.”

About Tyrepac
Tyrepac is Asia's first and largest online tyre retailing website. It provides consumers with a portal to compare tyre brands, patterns, and prices. Upon purchase, customers can choose one of its island-wide fitment stations for fitment, or opt for Tyrepac’s mobile service – which does door step tyre fitment and oil change. Tyrepac is registered and headquartered in Singapore.

About, a free-for-public-use online map of Singapore, contains authoritative data from the Singapore Land Authority and rich information about where to find many other amenities. also allows users to compile and compute travel instructions (by car or public transport) to intended destinations and display them on the map.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Purchasing Tyres Based On Your Needs

One question our customer service officers in Tyrepac often ask our customers is, “What is your preference- quiet (comfort), or wet performance?”

There is unfortunately a trade off between wanting a quiet tyre, which generates minimal road noise, and tyres which gives good wet weather performance (generally noisier).

Directional design

As highlighted, tyres designed with grooves in a directional manner disperse water in the most economical manner. Outwards and away from the direction of travel to give you better wet weather performance. And in-order to ensure maximum volume of water dispersal, grooves has to be as wide as possible. However, this also generates road noise, particularly on dry road conditions, since air is trapped, compressed, and released - which results in “tyre noise”

Designs such as these cater to consumers who can tolerate road noise, and look for wet performance more than riding comfort.

There are exceptions in directional tyre design, which are meant for a quiet and comfortable ride. The way to judge would be to see how “wide” the grooves are.

Symmetrical design/ wave design, non-directional design

Symmetrical designed tyres have grooves arranged in a wave like manner, and usually have smaller lateral grooves cutting the tyre design, to further break up road noise.

Tyre designs such as these are quieter since priority is not in wet weather performance, but rather providing a quiet ride. There are again exceptions, when wider grooves are built-in to cater to wet weather.

Asymmetric design

Asymmetric designed tyres are a combination of comfort and wet weather performance- by having tyres designed combining the principles of wet weather, and principles of comfort. Half the surface of the tyre tread is designed for wet performance, while the other half is for comfort.

Asymmetric designed tyres have gradually grown in popularity in recent years, and are now readily available, but with a small premium in price.

The next time you need a set of tyres, don’t just accept what you are told. And to the many lady drivers who commonly have to “ask my boyfriend/ husband”, you now can instead educate him about the basics of tyre designs.

Happy motoring!

Ler Hwee Tiong, Managing Director
Tyrepac Pte Ltd

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The People of Formula Drift Singapore 2010

Much had been said about Formula Drift 2010 which took place in Singapore from 24th to 25th of April.

Personally, having attended practically all Formula Drift events, I am often touched by the people who make events such as these a success.

This feature is therefore a tribute to some of these people, who braved the sun and the rain to make Formula Drift Singapore 2010 so memorable.

The dedicated team from Formula Drift USA - among them Ryan and Jim, creator of Formula Drift.

Marcus Lim, Technical Director and franchise holder for Formula Drift Asia

Some of the operational crew for Formula Drift Asia, who toiled hard behind the scenes, and often neglected- at the starting grid, on the trackside, for inspections, registrations…the list goes on.

We cannot have a race without drivers, who often double up as models. Kudos to them for decking out in full race suit in this heat!

And we cannot have cars without the mechanics, who happens to be drivers sometimes, and who happens to be models some other times.

A special mention of the Tyrepac team, who over 3 days ensured all tyres change, was well handled and managed.

Various teams in the sponsor’s village kept visitors to the event occupied with merchandize, games, contest, food, and fun.

It is the effort of film crew and photographers, who captured all the pivotal moments of this great event to share and broadcast to the world.

And all these could not have happened without the kind sponsorship of various brands, and it definitely would not have happened without the enthusiastic crowd who came to this event.

Not forgetting (and who could have), the girls who always kept the smile, to make those few days brighter.

Lastly, not forgetting the fire fighters, the safety crew, the marshals, drivers’ support crew, the cleaners, and the security crew. The event was significant because all these people made it so.

Words: Ler Hwee Tiong, Managing Director, Tyrepac

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TYREPAC announces Formula DRIFT Singapore 2010 Lineup

Tyrepac is proud to announce its Formula DRIFT Singapore 2010 lineup, featuring Ee Yoong Cherng from Malaysia and Charles Ng from Hong Kong. The drivers will feature at Formula DRIFT Singapore under Team TYREPAC Kumho.

Formula DRIFT Pro-Am 2009 Championship Irwindale winner Charles Ng is coming off an impressive debut at the 1st leg of the 2010 Formula DRIFT Professional Championship at Long Beach, finishing in the top 32. Ng gained his Formula DRIFT Pro License in his first year participating in Formula DRIFT Pro-Am, finishing 7th overall at the National Championships. Yoong will be back behind the wheel of his trusted Silvia S13 after pushing eventual winner Tengku Djan close at Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009 for a place in the last eight.

“Our new team this year, with the addition of Charles from Hong Kong, and support from Kumho, has plenty of potential to do well at the event.” said Tyrepac Managing Director, Ler Hwee Tiong. “Tyrepac is again proud to be represented at the Formula DRIFT series.”

Tyrepac has been supporting Formula DRIFT in Asia since it was brought to the region by DriftPac Pte Ltd, and it has helped in fueling the growth of motorsports in the region. Sponsoring the event for the past two years, Tyrepac was represented at Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009 with its very own drift team.

“Drifting has proven to be the fastest growing motorsports in Asia, and Tyrepac is committed to supporting the growth.” added Ler.

Special prizes will be given away at the team’s display booth, along with attractive games, topped off by Team TYREPAC Kumho drivers’ autograph sessions and guest appearances by Formula DRIFT USA stars. Tyrepac will also front all tyre changing facilities at Formula DRIFT Singapore.

About Team TYREPAC Kumho
Team TYREPAC Kumho was established in 2009 by Tyrepac - Asia’s First Tyre Portal. In line with one of their key objectives about educating consumers about tyres, Tyrepac is utilizing drifting as a platform for education on tyre safety, as tyres can make or break a drift.

Drifting is recognised as the fastest growing motorsport in Asia, and Tyrepac is proud to bring that passion to the fore and encompass its commitment to demonstrate its product knowledge and professionalism by sponsoring their own team to take part in regional drift tournaments. Team TYREPAC Kumho is yet another significant benchmark for Asia’s First Tyre Portal.

Team Tyrepac comprises of Ee Yoong Cherng from Malaysia & Charles Ng from Hong Kong. Yoong takes charge of a Nissan Silvia S13 and Charles struts his stuff in a Nissan Skyline R33.

About Tyrepac
Tyrepac is Asia's first and largest online tyre retailing website. It provides consumers with a portal to compare tyre brands, patterns, and prices. Upon purchase, customers can choose one of its island-wide fitment stations for fitment, or opt for Tyrepac’s mobile service – which does door step tyre fitment and oil change. Tyrepac is registered and headquartered in Singapore.

About Kumho
Kumho Tire Co, Ltd. is a South Korean industrial conglomerate headquartered in Gwangju, South Korea. Kumho is a subsidiary of the Kumho Asiana Group. The company currently has eight manufacturing facilities across South Korea, China & Vietnam. In addition, it also has three centers in South Korea, USA & the United Kingdom for research and development.

About Ee Yoong Cherng
Ee Yoong Cherng has been drifting competitively since 2004, and is one of the pioneers of the drifting community in Malaysia, establishing Malaysia's Premier Drift Enthusiast Website- Yoong’s consistent performance has seen him finish in the top 16 in last year’s Singapore and Malaysia legs of Formula Drift. Yoong’s passion for drifting has seen him help organize and judge on various drifting competitions in Malaysia & Singapore, and feature as a stunt driver in Malaysia's own hit film Evolusi: KL Drift Part 1 & 2.

About Charles Ng
Charles started racing when he was 18, and has gone on to win multiple achievements, winning the famous USA Skip Barber Mazdaspeed MX-5 Challenge West 2008/2009 and receiving the rookie of the year award amongst others. He debuted at the 2009 Redline Time Attack Season Opener with a win in the Modified Rear wheel drive category, dominating the rest of the class by over 3 seconds.

Charles’ foray into drifting in 2009 saw him win the Formula Drift Pro-Am Championship at the Irwindale Toyota Speedway, and obtained his Formula Drift Professional License by qualifying 7th at the Formula Drift Pro-Am National Championship. His debut at the 2010 Formula Drift Professional Championship saw him place 29th in the opening round at Long Beach, CA. Charles will also be racing in the full season of the Asian Touring Car Series this year.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is available at Tyrepac

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is now available in Singapore, though in limited sizes.
With regards to speculation that the Michelin Pilot Sport 2 will be discontinued, sources confirm that initially the Pilot Sport 3 will run alongside the Pilot Sport 2.

For the full range of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres available, please visit Tyrepac.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 follows the success stories of the Pilot Sport and Pilot Exalto range which had over 200 homologations (approvals) from car manufacturers including Audi, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari and Merecedes to name a few. The Michelin Pilot Sport was also fitted to a Bugatti Veyron which set a world speed record of over 250 mph in 2005.

About Michelin Pilot Sport 3
The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 delivers high levels of grip. On wet surfaces, it holds the road better when cornering and stops three metres shorter than its predecessor, the reigning benchmark sports tyre. In addition, the Pilot Sport 3 tyre provides very precise steering for an enjoyable driving experience. It also boasts outstanding fuel efficiency and extended mileage among its dynamic qualities

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 has been built with unique, highly advanced technologies, such as the Green Power Compound, the Anti Surf System and Programmed Distortion tyre architecture.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tyrepac presents the ORIX AutoCentre Sales @Tampines

Tyrepac presents the ORIX AutoCentre Sales @Tampines

Fri, March 26 till Sun, March 28, 2010
Daily 9am to 6pm

ORIX AutoCentre Tampines
22 Tampines St 92

More Details

Friday, February 19, 2010


TYREPAC officially turns one today, having made significant headway in its first official year of operations - with significant exposure at Formula Drift and across media outlets.

Tyrepac started amidst a cloud of uncertainty in September 2008. The global economy was undergoing a melt-down, and tyre manufacturers and distributors big and small were strongly against having prices openly published for whatever reasons.

The entire tyre industry in Asia practices a pricing system which works against the ignorant.

We were going to change all that, and were determined to see this business model in Asia. Now after a year, and spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea and China, we know consumers appreciate what we are doing. They tell us so, on a daily basis.

We are already working on getting the entire buying experience fully automated from the supply, to the online retailing experience, and ultimately to accounting. Our continual investment in hardware and software is to ensure consumers feel totally at ease buying from our online platform.

Tyrepac Singapore today offers tyres, auto insurance quotes in cooperation with Phillips Securities, battery change and emergency battery rescue service. Best of all - No membership required!

Our objectives of being comprehensive, transparent, easy to use, convenient, and educational to the consumers seem to serve well so far.

Tyrepac Singapore today hovers between 5th to 7th position on the HITWISE report as a retailer, behind some of the biggest names for online retailing. As we go about gaining awareness outside of Singapore, Tyrepac will soon truly be Asia’s tyre portal.

A big Thank You to our valued customers, suppliers, staff, partners, family, and friends for believing in Tyrepac.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tyrepac 1st Year Anniversary!

Tyrepac is turning ONE, and to celebrate this occasion, are running our 1st Anniversary Sales with fantastic offers never seen before! Drop by and get your new tyres in this new year!