Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tyrepac makes shopping easier!

Tyrepac has always been striving to improve the shopping experience for our customers, and we pride ourselves on listening to our customers' feedback and how we can make that purchase simpler and more convenient.

We have undergone a couple of changes over the past few weeks to improve that experience by making minor changes to our website, without affecting the overall functionality, but ensuring our customers get their tyres more easily!

Changes include:
  • Making purchases without registration

  • Shopping by Brand

  • Simpler how we work explanation

Making purchases without registration
Customers no longer need to register before being able to make purchases on Tyrepac, eliminating a step in the purchase process. Simply click on "Buy Now" on the item you wish to purchase, and select "Express Checkout" to get straight to buying your tyres!

Shopping by Brand
Customers tend to have brand preferences, and didn't know what brands we had available. We've answered the call by allowing customers to view all the brands or patterns we carry on Tyrepac, and see what tyres are available.

Simpler how we work explanation
Customers were often clueless about Tyrepac's innovative online retailing concept, so we simplified it into 4 simple steps:

Have more feedback and ideas on how we can improve our website? Feel free to drop us an email!