Saturday, December 26, 2009

Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009

Tyrepac co-sponsored the Goodyear Formula Drift Malaysia held in MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang) from 19th to 20th of December 2009. The event was a roaring success, attracting a crowd turnout in excess of 12,000 people.

Always great to work with ESPN and GoodyearFraction of the 12,000 passionate crowd

The event gathered a total of 54 drivers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, and Japan. Tyrepac is pleased to have Ivan Lim and Ee Yoong Chern fly the Tyrepac flag as Team Tyrepac drivers.

The race was hard fought but eventually, it was again Malaysian Tengku Djan who emerged victorious, with Thailand’s Drift King Kiki taking second spot, and New Zealand’s “Mad” Mike emerging third. It was an action-packed Sunday with the entire grandstand cheering for their home grown hero.

Festivities were in abundance throughout the two days. Goodyear’s flying blimp was seen pacing the race ground throughout the two days, drummers, autographs sessions, girls, girls and more girls…ah! Tyrepac as usual went about diligently ensuring no tyres were left unchanged for all drivers, but still found time to mingle with the crowd with some games.

Amongst some who made Formula Drift possible- Jim Liaw (3rd from left standing, Co-founder Formula Drift LLC) Ryan Sage (3rd from right standing, Co-founder Formula Drift LLC) and Marcus Lim (in white standing, MD DriftPac Pte Ltd)

Goodyear Formula Drift Malaysia was truly a well-organized, well-planned, and superbly executed event for the Asian race calendar. Kudos to ESPN event management, Goodyear, members from Formula Drift, Driftpac, Pitcrew, Tyrepac Malaysia, Newera training school, MAEPS, sponsors, volunteers, the great Malaysian crowd, and definitely the drivers.

I am sure, like me, those who did attend this event will be looking forward to the next.

Article by Ler Hwee Tiong, Managing Director of Tyrepac.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TYREPAC @ Formula Drift Malaysia 2009

TYREPAC was the official online portal & pit change for the Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009. Providing all the equipment & technical expertise, Tyrepac was at the forefront of the most crucial technicality of the race - changing of tyres.

The importance of tyres in the race were underlined by a technical crew racing from the pits to the track after one of the drivers punctured his tyres midway through his run. Drivers only had a 5 minute interval by which to replace their tyres or fix any faulty parts.

The commitment & dedication exemplified by the crew in carrying the heavy wheel & tyre over the distance is equivalent to what Tyrepac aspires to provide - similar commitment & dedication in serving their customers.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

TYREPAC- Asia’s First Tyre Retail Portal opens in China

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, December 8 2009 – Tyrepac today announced the official launch of Tyrepac China ( Consumers in China now have a trustworthy and transparent platform to compare multiple brands and patterns of tyres. Upon purchase and payment online, consumers can select from a list of appointed retailers to have their tyres changed, or have them delivered to a location of their choice.

“The launch of Tyrepac China is truly a new benchmark for us. It has come at a time when we are already seeing very promising results in South East Asia.” said Tyrepac Managing Director & co-founder, Ler Hwee Tiong. “Consumers in China see the benefit of online purchase, just like how motorists in the rest of the world have come to fully embrace the convenience of shopping online for tyres.”

Tyrepac aims to simplify the purchase of tyres which can be technical to the layman by offering a comprehensive range of tyre brands and sizes, and complete price transparency. Be it the budget-conscious motorist to the motoring enthusiast, Tyrepac allows consumers to select, compare and purchase tyres that best suit their individual motoring needs from the comfort of their homes and offices, saving time and money. Tyrepac also hope to impart essential tyre knowledge in its helpful and convenient tyre portal.

“There is a lack of price transparency amongst retailers and garages, which means motorists would have to visit several outlets to ensure they get the best deals and tyres that they want.” noted Ler. “Tyrepac bridges this gap by offering motorists the perfect platform for price and product comparison at one single and convenient location. This is the first time such a service is made available in this region.”

Tyrepac presently caters to Beijing, Shanghai city and four other provinces in Central and Southern China, but will be expanding its operations to cover the whole of China within the next six to nine months. Tyrepac is targeting to have more than 3,000 fitment locations for consumers to select from throughout China. Tyrepac is now fully operational in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, with South Korea set to be officially launched in the coming months.

“If you just look at how China is embracing the internet, and online shopping in particular, Tyrepac China’s potential will be apparent soon. We are really looking into the future for the China market”, says Ler.

Tyrepac’s website provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple for users to search for tyres based on car models, tyre brands or specific tyre dimensions. Tyrepac customer service consultants are available through phone, live chat or email to provide expert advice for motorists who have enquiries on suitable tyres for their vehicle.

Apart from purchasing tyres, customers can read and post reviews on tyres, and find pertinent information on tyre related matters. Other value added services on the portal includes allowing customers to interact with each other through an online forum.

Consumers can now purchase tyres online via Tyrepac China’s website at or contact a customer service consultant through the hotline number at 400-623-4232.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

TYREPAC officially launches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 3 December 2009 – Tyrepac, Asia's first and largest online tyre retail portal today officially expanded its services into the Hong Kong market. Headquartered in Singapore, Tyrepac continues to focus on its four key principles of offering comprehensive tyre brands and patterns, complete transparency, ease and convenience, and education to consumers.

“We continue to approach Hong Kong’s market with objectives we know consumers will appreciate- to be comprehensive, transparent, easy to use with convenience, and to be educational.” said Tyrepac’s Managing Director and co-founder, Ler Hwee Tiong.

Over 1,000 product offerings are available online with their prices displayed. Customers are able to search for tyres based on car models, or specific tyre dimensions. Tyre replacement service can be arranged at numerous garages situated throughout Hong Kong.

Tyrepac Hong Kong’s mobile fitment service further adds convenience and time-savings to consumers with fitment at a location of their choice. “We launched the mobile service in Hong Kong because we know today’s busy motorists will appreciate this service, and it has proven to be a remarkable success in Singapore.” noted Ler.

Tyres are designed and built to provide safety throughout its useful service life. Consumers should properly maintain their tyres and have them regularly inspected for signs of damage. Tyrepac’s informative tyre education section allows users to find tyre educational topics. Consumers can contact Tyrepac for expert advice on tyres by calling Tyrepac Hong Kong’s hotline at 2419-0009, or have instant conversations via its unique Live Chat service, or email

“We open all means of correspondence to Tyrepac to ensure that all of consumers’ doubts are clarified and that they are provided with accurate information to purchase a set of tyres which cater to their needs”, added Ler.

Tyrepac will in due course further expand its products and services in Hong Kong to include batteries, insurance, engine oil, and other related products.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First peek at the Team TYREPAC Goodyear R32

Here is a sneak peek of the new TYREPAC R32 cars that will represent Team TYREPAC Goodyear at the 2009 Formula Drift Malaysia:

To get a first glance at the Team TYREPAC Goodyear car, head down to 1 Utama between 12pm – 8pm on Saturday 5 Dec and Sunday 6 Dec for the Goodyear Formula Drift Roadshow to catch our very own Team TYREPAC Goodyear driver Ee Yoong Chern and the R32 on display and win exclusive ESPN STAR Sports Merchandise!

About Team TYREPAC Goodyear
Team TYREPAC Goodyear was established in 2009 by Tyrepac - Asia’s First Tyre Portal, together with one of the world's largest tyre companies, Goodyear. In line with one of their key objectives about educating consumers about tyres, Tyrepac is utilizing drifting as a platform for education on tyre safety, as tyres can make or break a drift.

Drifting is recognised as the fastest growing motorsport in Asia, and Tyrepac is proud to bring that passion to the fore and encompass its commitment to demonstrate its product knowledge and professionalism by sponsoring their own team to take part in regional drift tournaments. Team TYREPAC Goodyear is yet another significant benchmark for Asia’s First Tyre Portal.

Team Tyrepac comprises of Ivan Lim from Singapore & Ee Yoong Cherng from Malaysia. Ivan drifts in a Nissan Silvia S13 while Yoong takes charge of a Nissan Skyline R32.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tyrepac sponsors Goodyear Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009

Singapore, 13 November 2009 – Tyrepac, Asia’s first and largest online tyre retailing site, today announced its sponsorship of the Goodyear Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009, which will be held from the 19th to 20th of December, 2009, at the MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang).

The Goodyear Formula DRIFT Malaysia is organized by ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) and supported by Goodyear as the Title Sponsor, Tyrepac as the Official Online Portal, Banana Boat as the Official Sunblock and Hypertune as the Official Magazine.

“The success of our tie-up with ESPN STAR Sports and Goodyear has proven successful in Formula DRIFT ProAm Singapore, and we are pleased to extend this relationship into Malaysia.” said Tyrepac Managing Director, Ler Hwee Tiong. “Tyrepac is again proud to be associated with the Formula DRIFT Series as one of the sponsors of this event.”

Tyrepac will be represented at Formula DRIFT with their very own drift team - Team TYREPAC Goodyear, being helmed by the experienced Ee Yoong Cherng from Malaysia & Ivan Lim from Singapore. They will come up against over 50 competitive drivers from across the Asia-Pacific region, with drivers hailing from as far as Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and Hong Kong, as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

“Forming our own drift team came about naturally as part of our progression of sharing our tyre expertise, and we want to make use of this opportunity to educate consumers on the importance of tyre safety,” added Ler. “Drifting is the fastest growing motorsport in the region, and Tyrepac definitely wants to set another benchmark by being at the forefront of it.”

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I try to drive with patience?

I drive, whenever I am working out of Singapore from West to East, Bukit Panjang to East Coast and return. The journey is about 55km both ways. The journey coincides particularly with motorcyclists from and to Malaysia along the BKE, PIE, KPE, ECP stretch of road (depending on route taken for the day).

It is a very stressful situation having to put up with these motorcyclists who take up the openings between cars, sometimes preventing overtaking. It is hair-tearing to have some of them taking up the fast going lanes- sometimes in “staggered formation”.

But each day I tell myself to practise patience since wedging anyone between cars, and pinning anyone under my car will be the last thing I want. And I don’t think I will sleep well ever again should something like these happen. So, this is a call to all drivers just to have a little patience while driving and much as I sometimes also feel they should be “put in place”, we don’t want to end up with murder.

Words: Ler Hwee Tiong.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TYREPAC Hong Kong launches mobile service

Tyrepac, Asia’s first tyre portal, today announced the launch of Tyrepac mobile service in Hong Kong. Consumers in Hong Kong can now have their tyres fitted in the comfort of their home or office after buying them online at

“We are extremely pleased to now offer, the same convenience consumers in Singapore have been enjoying, to the consumers in Hong Kong.” said Tyrepac Managing Director & co-founder, Ler Hwee Tiong. “Consumers can soon also look forward to battery change and a host of other services on top of the tyre changing services offered.”

Funded by Spring Singapore, Tyrepac announced its official launch in February 2009. Now also operating in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea - Tyrepac is the pioneer of online retailing concept for tyres in Asia. Less than a year since its inception, Tyrepac is already creating ripples in the regional automotive industry with its comprehensive product data and price transparency.

With fitting locations strategically located throughout Hong Kong, the mobile service provides house call service for tyre change and servicing. Tyrepac has brought tyre servicing to an entirely new level of convenience for automotive customers. Backed by a team of professional tyre consultants, consumers can call Tyrepac’s hotline, 2419 0009 for any queries.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Run-Flat Tyres

In recent years, run-flat tyres (RFT) have been gaining in popularity. In fact, the development of RFT has been around for some time. Nowadays, brands such as Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Firestone, Pirelli, Yokohama has a range of products, otherwise indicated as the RFT (Run Flat Tyre), SSR (Self Supporting Run-flat) or ZP (Zero Pressure), and so forth.

Run Flat Tyres (RFT) are also commonly known as "puncture-proof tyres," however, that tagline is a bit untrue as RFT are not entirely immune to punctures. RFT at the punctured state (low pressure or the tyre pressure of zero state) can maintain travelling speeds of up to 80km/h for up to 80km or so.

Automakers pitch run-flats as a safety feature because they let drivers avoid stopping on busy highways and other dangerous locations. They also say they like the design flexibility they get by eliminating the space-consuming spare tyre. Even though run-flats are heavier, the lack of a spare tyre can save vehicle weight overall, helping fuel efficiency. Below we analyze the structure and principle of RFT, and its advantages & disadvantages.

Construction and Principle:

Above shows the construction of a run-flat tyre.

The main ingredient of tyre is rubber, but rubber itself is unable to cope with any load, thus the load of tyres mainly depend on layers of a reinforced fibre and steel wire. Rubber elasticity is much lower than fibre and steel wire, thus adequate tyre pressure ensures the process of deformation of rubber tyres will be minimal. However, if the tyre is travelling at low tyre pressure condition, the rubber will be deformed, stretching more than the strength of the fibres and elasticity limit of the steel wire. This could cause significant damage to the tyre, as the pressure will eventually destroy the interface between the different raw materials, and in more serious cases, result in tyre failure (Figure 1).

The Advantage with Run flat tyres is that they can operate without air in them, for a relatively short distance and low speeds, as their basic shape is kept by rigid components. This rigidity helps a driver maintain control of the vehicle if the tyre loses pressure (Figure 2), and allows the driver to continue driving, the pressurised air contained within the tyre supports the weight of the car. (Figure 3) However, recently tyres have been developed which are able to support the weight of the car by themselves, for a short period of time. New cars are also equipped with tyre pressure monitoring devices which warn the driver of a tyre pressure loss.

• Eliminate the need to change a tyre in bad weather or in dangerous roadside areas.
• Safety and reduced risk of accident - blowouts and tyre deflation can be serious driving risks for drivers.
• Tyres can be driven on for 80 kilometres or more with no air in them enable drivers to get to a mechanic without having to change the tyre after a puncture.
• Car need not be equipped with a spare tyre, resulting in more trunk space.
• The absence of a spare wheel contributes to lower vehicle weight which will in turn reduce fuel consumption, reduce harmful exhaust emissions, improve performance, handling and braking characteristics.
• Tyre pressure monitoring devices warn the driver of a tyre pressure loss.

• RFT's sidewall is harder than ordinary tyres, so comfort is compromised.
• To improve this problem, Bridgestone introduced a new RFT tyres with sidewall texture similar to ordinary tyres, thereby enhancing the comfort of the tyre.
• High replacement costs; and limited replacement choices.
• If the material that penetrated the RFT tyres is not removed, continuous driving will result in the hole getting deeper. Once the hole reaches a depth of more than 5mm, there is no way to remedy them.

While the RFT is not so popular in Singapore, increased advances in technology and maintenance of tyres translate to lower prices for them. Do not be surprised by the eventual rise in popularity of RFT that could one day put the history of roadside punctures to bed.

Run Flat Tyre abbreviations:
RFT: Run flat tyre
ZP: Zero pressure
EMT: Extended mobility technology
ROF: Run on flat
DSST: Dunlop self supporting technology
SSR: Self supporting runflat

One of Tyrepac’s four key objectives is to ensure consumers are educated about tyres, and get the product best suited to their needs . Read more about Tyres @ Tyrepac - Tyre Education

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tyrepac soft launch China Operations

Tyrepac China conducted a soft launch for selected media on 23rd September 2009. Held at 廣東人家 in Guangzhou, China, media guests from newspapers, car magazines and other established websites gathered to gain a better understanding on the working principles of Tyrepac.

The media were given an introduction on Tyrepac’s background, and they were truly impressed by how Tyrepac had managed the convergence of the Internet and a traditional industry in the Asia Pacific region – tyre retailing and expanded this across Asia.

At the end of the day, each representative brought home more than Tyrepac’s achievements, but more significantly, the potential and impact that Tyrepac would have on the China tyre industry. A tough challenge lies ahead in establishing Tyrepac in China, but all the groundwork have been laid, and with enthusiastic personnel for support, Tyrepac is set to make waves in China.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tyrepac Malaysia Official Launch 18th August 2009

Tyrepac Malaysia officially launched their portal on 18th August 2009, bringing the convenience and benefits of buying tyres online to consumers in Malaysia. For the first time, consumers in Malaysia are able to choose and compare prices across various tyre brands and patterns, just by a click of their mouse.

The launch was held at The Sanctuary at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. “It is indeed a pleasure and great honor to have such a fantastic turnout of friends from the media, as well as within the tyre industry as well,” says Adrian Thio, General Manager (S.E.A).

The event was attended by representatives from the major manufacturers in Malaysia, and the mainstream media as well. A memorable quote from a guest, “Finally we know how much a tyre really cost now!”

The event started at 4.30pm with Mr Jacob Chen, Manager Director of Tyrepac Malaysia, giving his views on the local tyre market, and how Tyrepac Malaysia will revolutionize the tyre retailing landscape of Malaysia. “Since its launch in Singapore 6 months ago, Tyrepac has grown in leaps and bounds and continuously created new benchmarks in the tyre retail market. I am confident that the response here will be just as good, if not better, considering Malaysia is the largest sedan market in South East Asia,” says Jacob.

Following Jacob’s speech, Adrian presented to the media and guests on the milestones of Tyrepac, the importance of tyre safety and how easy it is to purchase and change a new set of tyres using Tyrepac Malaysia’s portal, “Being comprehensive in product offering, transparent in prices, easy to use website, and educational to motorist are the 4 key objectives when constructing the website,” says Adrian. These objectives laid out by Tyrepac clearly indicate the benefits motorists can have when it comes to their next tyre change.

With such a new concept of changing tyres in Malaysia, many questions were asked by the media after the presentation. “How to fit the tyres?” “How do I know which one to choose?” were some of the questions raised. “Our aim is to make tyre changing simple and convenient to everyone. With over 60 fitting outlets to choose from, customers can now buy any tyre available and get it fitted at a tyre shop located conveniently to them. And if all else fails, our customer service personnel is always there to provide advice and assistance,” says Adrian.

The launch in Malaysia is the 1st outside of Tyrepac’s headquarters in Singapore. Tyrepac is currently operating in Hong Kong, South Korea, China (Guangzhuo) and Singapore. “Our launch in Malaysia is the beginning of a long journey, a journey to finally bring the purchase of an unglamorous product - tyres into the comfort of everyone’s home.”