Monday, April 28, 2014

Warranty of Tyres

Case 5_Separation

This is a case of separation of a tyre. In this instance, the tyre tread has separated from its casing/ or carcass- resulting in a bulge.

When this happens, there are a variety of issues that will arise:
- Tyre usually s...tarts vibrating, sometimes violently
- The noise generated can become unbearable- "whooping noise"
- May have difficulty controlling the steering wheel

Variety of reasons this could happen:
- Puncture, water vapour seepage (no claim)
- Impact resulting in internal fracture, breakage of wire or layers (no claim)
- "Heat separation", breakdown of bondage between layers (Case by case basis- claimable)

Separation failure may not surface overnight. One of the common situation is when motorist run over objects on the road, and causes internal fracture within the tyre. Over time, water vapour gets into the layers, causing a breakdown in the bonded layers. Kind of like why a wet pair of shoes left in the cabinet, unworn for prolong period, often have the soles come off when worn again.

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